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Privacy Policy

By accessing Ibestwolf you are accepting the Ibestwolf practices described in this privacy policy.

What Personal Information Does Ibestwolf Gather?

The information we receive from members helps us personalize and continually improve the site. Here are the types of information we gather:


  • Information You Give Us: We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give to us in any other way. Common situations in which this occurs include, without limitation, registering to join Ibestwolf, updating your account settings, submitting a message to the site (including the forums, blogs, etc.), purchasing something from Ibestwolf, or corresponding with Ibestwolf staff.

  • You can choose not to provide certain information. However, this may limit your ability to take advantage of our other functions and features. We use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, processing your orders, providing services to you, maintaining our site, cusIbestwolfizing future functions and features for you, improving our site, and communicating with our members.

Any correspondence with Ibestwolf staff (by email, chat, phone, FAX, postal mail, or in person) may not be kept private unless you explicitly request that it be. We may have to share some or all of the information to respond adequately to your correspondence.

  • Interactive Content: We receive and store any information entered on the "interactive" portions of our sites. Since we cannot prevent you from entering other personal information with your interactive content, we do not consider this information to be private, and as such, this privacy policy does not govern that content. Such interactive contents include (but are not limited to): forum posts, chat room discussions, comments on other members' content, testimonials etc. For example, if a member posts a message to our forums, and they include their email address or phone number in the body of the message, we will not be able to protect that private personal information.

The testimonials section of the Site is for the purpose of sharing information and experiences. The testimonials section is moderated for accurate and positive testimonials. Published testimonials are genuine and are not edited or altered by Ibestwolf. We reserve the right to post or remove any testimonial at its discretion.

By posting your interactive contents on our website, you give us a non-revocable worldwide permission to reprint or use in perpetuity the interactive content in connection with our business. You also are agreeing to the following: (1) the reprint or use of the interactive content will be at our discretion and without compensation; (2) we may use the interactive content with or without any pseudo (pen) name credit; (3) our right to use the interactive content may be assigned by us; and (4) we may use the interactive content in any media, information or communication platform (including Internet advertising) currently in use or later developed.

In addition, please note that the following personal information may be permanently displayed with any interactive content you submit to us: name, company name, position, city, state, country, and zip code.

Interactive content on Ibestwolf is also regulated by our Terms of Use.

  • AuIbestwolfatic Information: We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us, and each access of our web site is recorded in logs that we can use for statistical and other analyses. Each time you access our web site, your browser sends your unique IP address, your browser name/version, your operating system version, any "cookies" stored for Ibestwolf (more on cookies below), the current resource requested, and usually the last page you visited, called the "referrer link."

  • Other Information: Specific uses of personal information that vary from this privacy policy, if any, may be found throughout our site. If those uses are different than what has been disclosed here, you will be notified beforehand as to the differences that will govern those transactions.

There may be situations where Ibestwolf collects data through a survey, web form, or similar process when the page does not link to this privacy policy. In those cases, unless you are informed otherwise, please assume that Ibestwolf treats all information from those pages as it treats its other valuable business records.

Information from Third-Parties: We do not actively collect personal information from any outside sources. However, your personal information may be supplied to us by a third-party through channels such as blogs, complaints or other legal process. In those cases, any information we receive, including personal information, is not governed by this privacy policy.

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