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How to Fix a Headlight with Moisture In It

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The headlights are the eyes of the car and are of great significance for safe driving. However, with the advent of winter, the phenomenon of moisture in the car headlights has gradually increased in various places, and it will even condense into many water droplets, causing many hidden dangers to driving safety and making people feel annoyed.

Why is there moisture or water in the headlight?

1. Large temperature difference

Car headlights usually have a vented rubber tube on the rear cover to dissipate heat. Due to its existence, the moisture in the air has the opportunity to adhere to the inner surface of the lampshade to form water mist. That is to say, in the case of a large temperature difference, it is normal for fog to appear.

2. The headlights are flooded

After the vehicle is wading, washing the car, and cleaning the engine compartment, the water is not thoroughly dried or drained, and the water may enter the headlights through the rubber tube. As long as there is no standing water, it is normal.

3. Headlight sealing problem

If the amount of water in the headlights obviously exceeds the standard and forms stagnant water, it can basically be determined that there is a problem with the sealing of the headlights. Either the headlight cover or the back cover is damaged, or there is a problem with the sealing strip between the light cover and the back cover.

How to Fix a Headlight with Moisture In It?

1. Check the tightness of the headlight assembly, after confirming that it is ok, turn on the headlights. After about 15 minutes, the heat from the headlight bulbs evaporates the water mist.

2. If the water mist is caused by water ingress, please open the car headlight to dry first. After the water mist dissipates, find the place where the air leaks, that is the place where the seal is not tight, and then re-seal it.